Sound Reality offers individuals, groups and businesses a way out of stress and unhappiness by offering you an experiential insight into your mind and who you are. Everything we do is practical and has real benefit in day-to-day life.

We are based in Derby but work nationally, offering one-to-one sessions, talks and workshops. We raise your awareness to the powers within you by using the voice and other means of creating sound. An ability to sing is NOT required only the wish to transform and improve some aspect of your life. Although it has a spiritual basis everything that we do is free from religious or dogmatic undertones. It does have a basis in mindfulness and other self-exploratory techniques which have their roots in many different philosophical and psychological traditions.

Discover the limitless power within you. Release the inner barriers that are no longer useful. Transcend the fears, conditioning and dogma that restrict you. Reach deep into the wisdom and light that are your birthright and discover who you truly are.

The function of sound in transformational work

Sacred sound is a part of all cultures and spiritual doctrines. It is used for ceremonial and religious purposes, for upliftment and for deep meditation. The chanting of Hindu and Buddhist mantra, sacred Jewish music, and the singing of Christian hymns – all have been used to relieve depression, to promote deep healing, to activate new states of consciousness and to cultivate the expression of joy.  As vibrational energy all sound plays a role in shifting our states and influencing how we feel. Everything, right down to the tiniest molecular particles are in vibration and there is always a link between sound and how matter behaves which is why sound and music often play an important part in different forms of healing.

In its broadest sense healing is about allowing change and for me these two words are synonymous. Change happens naturally and perfectly when it is unhampered. Sound helps to remove the obstacles that stand in the way and also helps direct healing energy to where we would like it to be focussed.

Used in conjunction with symbol, invocation, ritual and meditation you can awaken a deep connection with the mind of the Source and your own inner magic.